February 15, 2023

Qigong for Four Weeks

Qigong Every Sunday for 4 Weeks
a different Qigong practice each week
March 5-26, 2023, Brookline, MA


Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating internal energy.
~ Ken Cohen

This short series of four Qigong practices are offered on a drop-in basis at Down Under Yoga, Brookline MA. A perfect way to sample this healing art, resources for continuing practice will be offered to all participants.

Time: 1:30 – 2:45 pm
Cost: $25 each session 


Sunday ~ March 5

Qigong with Daniel OrlanskyEight Pieces of the Silk Brocade Qigong

Created by a Chinese General in the 12th century, this Qigong consists of eight movement patterns that cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner calm while imparting a silken quality (like that of a piece of brocade) to the body and its energy.



Sunday ~ March 12

Swimming Dragon Qigong

The Swimming Dragon is an ancient Chinese Qi Gong exercise that comes to us through the Taoist tradition. This one-minute Taoist form is unsurpassed for its grace and economy of movement. Imitating the serpentine movements of a dragon swimming in the sea and flying up into the clouds, this Qigong form is unsurpassed for its grace and economy of movement.




Sunday ~ March 19

Qigong for Spring: Fresh Growth Emerges

In Chinese medicine, spring is the wood element, ruled by the liver and gallbladder meridians. Shake off the winter with a Qigong set designed to enhance and balance these meridians giving support
for increased light, wakefulness, and vitality. As the promise of fresh growth emerges, the heavy, slow, and dull energy of late winter gives way to increasing light, movement and wakefulness.



Sunday ~ March 26

18 Form Shibashi Qigong

Shibashi means 18 forms/movements. Created in 1979 by the Professor Lin Housheng, former director of the Qigong Research Institute at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this Qigong is a series of simple, yet highly effective exercises which are accessible to all ages and physical abilities. Because of that it is one of the most popular Qigong sequences practiced throughout the world and will leave you relaxed and fully energized in less than 20 minutes