June 23, 2011

Kali Ray TriYoga

Kali Ray TriYoga: The Art and Science of Yoga Flow

Through applying the principles of yogaflow, one begins to feel the life-flow. Extension in all directions expands awareness. Relaxation-in-action allows one to maintain balance. Rhythm of body and breath tunes one to the inner dance. Economy of movement cultivates having only thoughts that are needed. Wavelike movements remind us to remain at peace within the pair of opposites. ~ Yogini Kaliji 


Kali Ray TriYoga, founded by master yogini Kali Ray (pictured here with Daniel), is truly a journey “into the flow”. It is an elegant, creative and powerful hatha/vinyasa yoga that unites flowing and sustained asanas with a rhythmic breath and a meditative mind, taking the practitioner from warm-up to workout to deep relaxation in one session. The flow of energy that is enhanced through TriYoga is the flow of life itself, connecting the self to stillness, to strength, and to self’s true nature which is pure presence in the here and now.