Meridian Yoga

The Art of Energy Flow

Our health is dependent on the free flow of pranic life force in our mind, body, and soul.



Meridian Yoga works to systematically activate and balance energy in the fourteen major meridians– or energy pathways– of Oriental medicine fostering physical health and ease of motion, mental peace and joy, and a feeling of connection with the creative infinite. Meridian Yoga includes poses and partner assists to open and balance each of the 14 meridians, improving the health and functioning of the associated organs; PNF/Resistance Stretching, a modern stretching method, scientifically proven to be the most efficient and safest way to elongate muscles and increase range of motion; Shiatsu techniques (work with acupuncture meridians using finger pressure) that complement the partner-assisted stretches, increasing the circulation of chi energy; and breathing exercises (pranayama) to contact and activate prana.

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