December 22, 2023

Partner Stretching and Thai Yoga Massage

Partner Stretching and Thai Yoga Massage
February 9th & 16th, Boston, MA
February 10th, Centerville, MA


Two locations and three relaxing sessions as we stretch and open blocked areas of the body. This combination of stretching and massage reduces physical tension, enhances circulation, helps alleviate lower back and neck pain, and increases well-being and happiness.
In the end, you will feel more relaxed and energized, guaranteed!

Partner-assisted stretching increases flexibility while Thai Yoga Massage reduces muscle tension, both enhancing relaxation and stress reduction.


With partner stretching and Thai Yoga Massage, we will open blocked areas in the body, bringing harmony, lightness, and joy to our being. The partner stretching draws on a modern PNF/resistance stretching technique, while Thai Yoga Massage involves gentle finger and hand pressure, acupressure release points, and comfortable joint manipulations. When we release the tensions stored in our bodies, we experience a profound alignment of body, mind, and soul. As nature’s energy streams through us, the heart begins to sing, and we become connected to the universal life force that bridges heaven and earth, sun and moon, and all of nature. Feel free to attend by yourself or with a friend.

Sorry, the February 9th workshop at Down Under is sold out. You can register below for the Friday, February 16th workshop at Down Under, and there is space in the workshop at Centerville Yoga.