November 22, 2020

Inspired Offerings: Weaving Inspirational Themes into the Yoga Class Weekend Immersion

Inspired Offerings: Weaving Inspirational Themes into Yoga Classes
with Sara Davidson Flanders
A Weekend Immersion for Yoga Teachers and Interested Students
April 10-11, 2021

This weekend immersion is part of the Yoga of Energy Flow 200-Hour Teacher Training and will be presented virtually. It is a chance for yoga teachers and interested students to learn practical tools to bring effective and transformative heart-based themes into yoga classes and workshop

Sara Davidson Flanders in Anjaneyasana, a heart opening pose

The moment we had our first heart-opening experience in yoga is often the moment we stepped into a deeper understanding of what yoga truly is- a method of remembering our unity with all things. Have you wanted to help your students have this experience, this sense of connection to themselves and to the world around them? This workshop for both aspiring and seasoned teachers will help you learn practical tools to bring effective and transformative heart-based themes into your classes and workshops.Beginners and advanced students alike will receive helpful tips for an effective home practice. Handouts and other resources will be provided, grounding the experience in practical application.

In this workshop:
• Learn strategies and templates that will help integrate your class inspiration with the physical asana flow, so that your message inspires throughout the class rather than just the beginning and the end.
• Refine your presentation so that students embody and live the heart-themes rather than simply hear the
• Receive custom worksheets and engage in a process of learning that brings all your skills into play: asana knowledge, alignment, actions, anatomy, philosophy, sequencing, and more.
• Be led by Sara in a number of mini-practices in which you will experience the power of her ability to skillfully weaving a heart-theme with a skillful sequence and empowering actions to create an awakening of spirit and heart. 
• Practice this work in small groups and leave this immersion ready to begin adding effective themes to classes

An exploration of various types of themes, their optimal uses, and an initial foray into sequencing them through the class. Review your understanding of sequencing principles, the qualities of various classes of poses, and specific physical actions. Learn how to pair them effectively with their inherent themes.

Develop specific ways of organizing your class preparation to optimize the power of your heart-themes. Learn specific tools to refine your languaging to efficaciously and powerfully connect to the student’s heart. Uncover your unique voice as a teacher in the opening moments of a class all the way through until the concluding words of wisdom and inspiration.

For yoga teachers, this immersion is available for CEUs, and will provide new materials and insights that can be brought into yoga classes.

Sara Davidson Flanders holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and began her study of yoga and meditation in 1992. Her extensive asana training includes Anusara Yoga certification, therapeutics, vinyasa, anatomy and physiology training, and prenatal yoga. The beginning of her meditation studies was an immersion in Buddhism, which included four years living in a residential meditation center. Then in 2007, she met her teacher, Paul Muller Ortega, and has been practicing, and now also teaching, in the tradition of non-dual Shaiva Shakta Tantra ever since. Through wisdom texts and practices, Sara’s yoga and meditation teachings clarify the various streams of yoga lineage and tradition, which she brings alive with vibrancy and enthusiasm. Visit Sara at

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