March 2, 2014

Yoga Nidra Training with Jennifer Reis

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Jennifer Reis

Sunday -Wednesday, July 13th – 17th, 2019, The Arlington Center, 369 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA

A Comprehensive 40-Hour Training
• Saturday, 12:00 – 7:00 pm
• Sunday – Wednesday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Welcome to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®, the antidote for modern life. This training is for yoga teachers, therapists, counselors, health professionals, parents, and everyone interested in guiding others to relax and heal. You will leave this training feeling confident, enthused and delighted to give this gift.

Learn how to lead your students and clients into deeper levels of freedom and health than they ever imagined possible. Offer the gift of giving others permission to rest, balance, restore, tapping into new sources of energy. In this meditative practice, there is nothing required but to lie down and listen.
Become skilled at leading this inspired practice that revitalizes the senses, allowing life to be fully lived and enjoyed. Learn how to lead nourishing experiences that help your students discover profound peace and vibrant health. The result is feeling radiant, joyful, and light. An inspired and inclusive practice, Yoga Nidra is one of the most accessible forms of yoga and will become a favorite for your students and clients.
During this training you will:
• Relax into openness, freedom and bliss
• Learn how to nourish yourself and others
• Explore Yoga Nidra within the depth of yogic tradition and western science
• Awaken a sense of wonder and creative energy
• Discover how to craft effective classes
• Cultivate voice quality, pace, and explore music, postures and props
• Develop skills by practice and leading others

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Jennifer created Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® Teacher Training to embody and transmit everything that is necessary and practical for people who desire to lead themselves and others in yoga nidra. The training includes a proprietary 180-page manual containing detailed information and inspiration for understanding thoroughly Divine Sleep yoga nidra and its applications.
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® Teacher Training is taught using an all-senses approach which speaks to every learning preference. Lecture with power point, discussion, receiving and delivering yoga nidra sessions, as well as guided yoga practice to embody key concepts. Practice includes chanting, asana posture, pranayama breathing, mudra hand gesture meditation, Divine Sleep yoga nidra, integration experiences such as mandala creation, practice leading in partners and small groups, reflection and feedback.

IMG_2154 - Version 2Dive into the depths of Yoga Nidra:
-Learn how yoga nidra was created and evolved.
-Explore yoga nidra within the depths of yoga philosophy, psychology, and history.
-Learn the effects, benefits and conditions yoga nidra addresses.
-Understand the therapeutic benefits of yoga nidra.
-Learn about Western scientific and medical influences and research in yoga nidra.

Experience Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra:
-Learn about the Eight Stages of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and how to best deliver them.
-Recognize how Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® balances the Nervous System.
-Learn about chronic stress its effects.
-Discover the differences between Divine Sleep and other forms of relaxation.
-Understand Divine Sleep® as both science and art form.
-Gain in-depth understanding of the koshic levels of being and how this model forms the. structure of the Divine Sleep yoga nidra practice.
-Embody the five Koshas by practicing them in our daily asana, pranayama, mudra, and Divine Sleep practice.
-Understand key concepts from the yogic shastras.
-Realize the importance of awareness and presence with the body, energy, emotions, thoughts and wisdom.
-Practice co-listening and sharing with open honesty.
-Learn how to tailor sessions for specific population groups, students, seasons, and themes.
-Explore how to reach out into your community to lead yoga nidra in hospitals, educational. centers, recreation centers, corporations, yoga studios, wellness and health centers and more.
-Discover how to tap into creative energies to source and write scripts.
-Cultivate your own voice quality and pace.
-Explore music, postures and props.
-Learn how to lead Before and After Divine Sleep practices to transition and integrate, such as mudra meditation, pranayama breathing, drawing, body mapping, reflective writing and mandala creation.

fishassistReceive the Benefits:
-Experience deep shifts from being guided in numerous Divine Sleep journeys with Jennifer.
-Included are many Divine Sleep® scripts and inspirations for you to utilize.
-Receive encouragement and practice finding your own voice to create unique Divine Sleep yoga nidra sessions.
-Discover and know that you are whole just as you are.

Develop your Skills:
-Develop skills by practice and leading others.
-Learn modifications for students with specific issues.
-Learn how to use tools from Ayurveda such as the five elements, pranavayus, and the seasons in Yoga Nidra sessions.
-Understand prana/energy, the nadi energy channels, chakra energy wheels, the five pranavayu energy currents and pranavidya energy healing, and how to use them in your yoga nidra sessions.
-Differentiate between conscious, sub- and unconscious mind and learn how to speak to each level of mind.
-Come to know your core beliefs and how intention – Sankalpa – can shed light on them to make yourself less habituated and more free.
-Practice leading Divine Sleep yoga nidra in partners and groups in small manageable sessions.

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® is committed to offering the most comprehensive and accessible Yoga Nidra teacher certification program available, that upholds an emphasis on education, knowledge, experiential practice and integrity. We seek to impart the ageless virtues and principles of yoga nidra through our teacher training, retreats, CD’s and private sessions, enabling graduates to teach with care, aptitude and creativity.

MS-008 HEADSHOT 500x700 10-28-13Jennifer Reis, E-RYT-500, is a Senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Professional Integrative Yoga Therapist, Master Yoga Nidra Teacher, LMT, and Shiatsu and Ayurvedic therapist.
Jennifer has developed both Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and Five Element Yoga. She has been leading yoga, meditation retreats and professional trainings since 1996. Her Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra CDs are the two top-selling CDs at Kripalu Center where she has been on faculty for over eleven years.
Jennifer has a gift for creating sacred space to journey into realms of deep peace and renewal; with her creative and inspired guidance, your whole being becomes nourished and alive.
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