June 7, 2017

Rhino Horn Neti Pot

An Online Course For Computer Eye Strain
10 Easy Practices To Soothe Tired Eyes And Improve Vision


In front of your screen too much and feeling the negative affects? We have assembled the best practices to help soothe tired eyes and strengthen your vision, with practices you can do every day.

Our course includes:

• Natural, evidence-bases practices from the east and west to relax your eyes and lessen visual stress
• The 4 “B’s” of eye healthcare, that can be practiced anytime, anywhere to rejuvenate your eyes
• Simple breathing techniques to bathe the eyes with oxygen
• Gentle yoga stretches and simple movements that relax your neck and shoulders allowing more circulation to your brain and eyes
• Chinese eye massage using powerful acupressure points
• Exercises to develop convergence — the ability of both eyes to look at the same point .
• Exercises to develop accommodation — the ability to change focus from one point to another
• And others

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