May 18, 2016

Rhino Horn Neti Pot

To horn blått forrest

Designed in Norway ~ the best neti pot available.
The neti pot is a small water pot specifically devised for cleansing the nasal passages. It originates from the yoga tradition of India and has long been used as an aid for Yoga practices, particularly to facilitate deep breathing. In the modern world, use of the neti pot has proved enormously helpful in the treatment of sinus infections, asthma, and to alleviate symptoms caused by allergies.


Rhino Horn Neti PotWhy is the Rhino Horn the best neti pot commercially available?
• Beautifully designed in Norway – pleasant to hold, pleasant to use.
• The interior shape creates a good natural pressure from gravity, comfortably and effectively cleansing the nasal passages.
• Unbreakable, manufactured to the highest international quality standards of recyclable and environmentally-friendly plastic.
• Easy to carry – easy to travel with.
• Comes with a measuring spoon for calculating the correct amount of salt.
• The Rhino Horn Neti Pot is recommended by many European Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors.

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