January 4, 2018

Rasamaya Yoga Training with Carrie Tyler

30-Hour Rasamaya Yoga Training with Carrie Tyler

Saturday- Tuesday, July 7th – 10th, 2018 at the Arlington Center, 369 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA

This training had been cancelled, and may be rescheduled in the fall.  Please check back!

This course was created for movement teachers and dedicated students looking to deepen their practice. Each elemental module in this course contains education on asana, anatomy, philosophy, mudras and pranayama and is structured to be a sensory experience that has the feeling of a retreat instead of a workshop. Morning sessions will start with soulful meditation and vinyasa yoga flow before diving into the external practices of asana, sequencing and somatic explorations. Our afternoons will be devoted to developing the internal practices of soul-digging philosophy, pranayama, meditation and mudras. Carrie is known for her creative sequencing, and a key focus of the course is learning Rasamaya elementally based sun salutes and gaining skills to create your own innovative, authentic yoga sequences that are guaranteed to enrich your practice and your life. You will leave these days exhausted, but deeply satisfied.

Rasamaya translates from Sanskrit as “fluid.” At its simplest; Rasamaya is a lifestyle that empowers you to seek out the beauty in your life every single day. It’s about finding a fluid life both on and off the mat. As a methodology, Rasamaya intelligently merges integrative medicine, neuroscience, and exercise science with the wisdom of yoga philosophy as it applies to modern life. It utilizes the ancient theory of the nine major rasas (or core emotions) as a base to create inspiration in yoga classes. These nine core emotions are wonder (adbhuta rasa), fear (bhayanaka rasa), joy (hasya rasa), disgust (vibhatsa rasa), anger (raudra rasa), courage (veera rasa), compassion (karuna rasa), love (sringara rasa) and peace (shanta rasa).

These nine are everything. To intimately know them is to deeply know yourself and your life. Be a spiritual badass. #RasamayaLife #LiveInspired.

Dates: Saturday July 7 – Tuesday July 10 (full course includes all 9 rasas)
Time: Sat 12 – 7, Sun – Tues 9 – 5
Cost: $395
Book: Please purchase Yoga of the Nine Emotions by Peter Marchand (if you would like to read in advance most our discussion will come from pages 35 – 109)
Manual: Included in cost. The manual will be emailed in advance of the training with notes as to which sections are critical to print out. You are also welcome to bring a laptop to class if that is easier.
CEUs: Each day is worth up to 7hrs of Yoga Alliance CEU credits. Those who complete all modules are considered a Rasamaya Yoga certified teacher

Saturday July 7 ~ Earth: Stability & Stamina 
Part 1: History of the Rasas | Introduction to the 9 Core Emotions (Rasas) | Earth Asana Practice | Earth Sun Salute & Asanas |
Somatics: Creating a Strong Foundation |
Part 2: Ritual: Creating Sacred Space in Your Life | Earth Meditations | Earth Mudras | Earth Pranayama | Chakra 1 |
The Rasas of Fear & Wonder | Thai Yoga for the Feet & Legs

Sunday July 8 ~ Water: Flexibility & Flow 
Part 1: Water Asana Practice | Water Sun Salute & Asanas | Somatics: Balancing Out The Pelvis |
The Art Of Badass Sequencing 1
Part 2: Simplify: Mapping The Flow Of Your Life | Water Meditations | Water Mudras | Water Pranayama | Chakra 2 |
Rasas Of Joy & Disgust | Thai Yoga For The Hips

Monday July 9 ~ Fire: Purification & Power  
Part 1: Fire Asana Practice | Fire Sun Salute & Asanas | Somatics: Aligning The Spine |
The Art Of Badass Sequencing 2
Part 2: Strengthening Your Power | Fire Meditations | Fire Mudras | Fire Pranayama | Chakra 3 |
Rasas Of Courage & Anger | Thai Yoga For The Spine

Tuesday July 10 ~ Air: Vitality & Vision  
Part 1: Air Asana Practice | Air Sun Salute & Asanas | Somatics: Opening The Heart | Air Meditations | Air Mudras |
Air Pranayama | Chakra 4 | The Rasa Of Love
Part 2: Manifesting Big | Air Meditations | Air Mudras | Air Pranayama | Chakra 4 |
Rasas Of Love, Compassion/sadness & Peace | Thai Yoga For The Shoulders & Head

Carrie Tyler, E-RYT 500, RN, C-IAYT, CPT

(E-RYT 500 = Yoga Alliance 500hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer, RN= Registered Nurse, C-IAYT = Certified International Yoga Therapist, CPT = National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer)
Carrie is a twenty plus year veteran of teaching movement, known for her playful style of teaching and her strong knowledge of anatomy and alignment. She is the creator of the Rasamaya Method, an internationally recognized and trademarked system of movement and holistic chronic pain management that merges integrative medicine and exercise science with the wisdom of yoga philosophy. She is a writer and business consultant for both the fitness and medical industries. Her work has been featured in numerous national magazines such as Pilates Style and Mantra magazines, and conferences including Wanderlust Festival and Yoga Journal Conference.
When she isn’t presenting, seeing clients, or teaching, she works as a hospice and palliative nurse, helping people transition from life to death. In her spare time, she walks the beach and watches the world fly past while riding pillion on her husband’s motorcycle. Visit Carrie at  www.rasamaya.com