The Poem of the Day ~ February 5th

The February Shore
by Parker J. Palmer

Let this stillness settle on
the surface of your mind—

The figured sand, its fossil prints
and hieroglyphs held fast in memory of ice…

The surf-flung pools framed here and there
as mirrors to behold the shining day…

The ice-glazed rocks that lose their weight
while floating in mirage of glancing sun…

Upon that sea of cold foreboding blue
a second sea of sequined, dancing fire…

Over all, the silken air,
the seamless and forgiving sky…

Now let this ocean breathe for you,
beat your heart and pump your briny blood,
heave your sighs and weep your sea-salt tears
that flow beyond the rim of earth
farther than your anxious eye can see—
while under all, incessant surf
insists on letting go and letting be.