October 7, 2017

An Intuituve Approach to Thai Massage with Ariela Grodner

Exploring Wind and Earth ~ An Intuituve Approach to Thai Massage with Ariela Grodner
December 9th-10th, Nine Mountain Retreat Center, Plainfield, MA


Thai Massage is an observation of the elemental body and an attempt to bring balance to the properties witnessed. Gentle rocking movements, deep rhythmic compressions, a variety of stretching movements and restorative yoga positions open the body’s complex network of tissue and energy lines. Thai massage relieves muscular tension and pain, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically, facilitating mind-body integration. A session of Thai Massage results in restoring a healthy, balanced energetic flow to the recipient. It is a complete therapeutic treatment on its own, and may also be incorporated into other modalities of massage or into yoga classes.

In this unique two day workshop we will explore the 4 directions throughout the body while offering simple stretching. We can then intuit or ask which of the directional movements would be of most benefit. This is the exploration of the Wind element. The Earth element will be explored by finding stillness in the chosen stretch. There are 108 marma points (acupressure points) on the body according to Ayurveda. When we pick an area to find stillness, we will also visit that specific point to make the stillness even more potent. This special approach to Thai Massage encourages ones unique creativity and intuition.

Time:   Saturday-Sunday, December 9th -10th, 9 am – 6 pm each day.
Place:  Nine Mountain Retreat Center, 9 Mountain St, Plainfield, MA.
Cost:   $300, includes housing. Please bring food; meals will be communally shared, with a fully equipped kitchen on-site

Ariela Grodner, LMT, is the owner of the Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage and Folk Medicine.
As a Licensed Massage Therapist and instructor at the Florida School of Massage,
she conducts advanced trainings and CEU courses in this ancient healing art.
She is also the author of “Ayurveda and Thai Massage” and five other instructional books on this topic, and five DVDs.

Visit Ariela at www.bodhisanga.com

$50 Deposit/ Pay Balance at Door