October 28, 2020

Continuing Education and Weekend Immersions

Weekend Immersions and Continuing Education
for Yoga Teachers and Interested Students
January – April, 2021

• These stand alone weekend immersions are part of the Yoga of Energy Flow 200-Hour Teacher Training and will be presented virtually; they are reasonably priced at $165 for each weekend.
• For yoga teachers, these immersions are available for CEUs, and will provide new materials and insights that can be brought into yoga classes. 
• These modules are also open also to interested students who want to deepen their practice and expand their understanding of the areas of study that most interest them.
• Handouts and other resources will be provided, grounding the experience in practical application.
• The immersions are 11 am – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday, except where noted.
• Doug Keller’s yoga therapy training will be four days, May 13-16, and priced accordingly.


January 9 – 10 ~ Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra: The Power of the Breath
Daniel Orlansky
Awaken the inner body of light, the pranamayakosha, and expand your life force with breathing exercises and inner energy practices drawn from classical and Kundalini Yoga. We will learn how to enhance, extend, and harness the power of the breath with pranayama (breathing) exercises, and then channel the heightened pranic energy using bandhas (inner locks) and mudras (ways to enhance mental focus which can include hand gestures).  More . . . 

January 23 – 24 ~ The Art of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra
Jennifer Harvey and Andrea Fotopoulos
In Restorative Yoga, with the use of props such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters, the body is completely supported to promote the relaxation response, and reduce stress. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that takes one into deep relaxation for healing and restoration.  More . . . 

February 13 – 14  Sutra Exploration: The History of Yoga Practice & Philosophy/ Yin Yoga Immersion
Chip Hartranft
Survey the millennia-long heritage of yoga, tracing its most significant developmental threads from the earliest ascetics to the present day. Yin Yoga explores gentle but deep sustained stretches that stimulate the body’s internal energy system, invigorate the skeletal/connective body, and develop mindfulness, tranquility, and insight.  More . . . 

March 13 – 14 ~ Vinyasa Yoga and Qigong: Awakening to the Flow
Daniel Orlansky
While yoga has its roots in Indian Vedic scriptures, Qigong grew out of the Chinese Taoist pursuit of longevity. This weekend we will explore the Taoist concept of “effortless flow” in Qigong exercises, combining  the same ease of motion into sequences from the Yoga of Energy Flow.  More . .

April 10 – 11 ~ Weaving Effective and Inspirational Themes into Yoga Classes
Sara Flanders Davidson
Make your teaching skills more profound and potent. Learn practical tools to bring effective and transformative heart-based themes into your classes and workshops, integrating inspiration and physical asana, so that a deeper understanding of what yoga truly is- a method of remembering our unity with all things – can be experienced.  More . . .

May 13 – 16 ~ The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga
Doug Keller
This four day training will range from the practical — tools for working sequentially with yoga practice, not just through the ordering of poses, but through understanding the firing order of muscles that produce a healthy chain of functional movement — to deeper forms of understanding through the marma system of Ayurveda, to an even deeper understanding that it is marma that provides the path to the ‘Chakras’.