May 25, 2017


 Upcoming Workshops

Sunday, January 20th, 1:30-4:00 pm ~ Three Meditations for Inner Joy
Studio 143, Scituate, MA


Meditation is acceptance. It is the acceptance of life within us, without us, and all around us.

This workshop, appropriate for beginners, will explore three styles of meditation – breath meditation, mantra meditation, and silent sitting practices – to cultivate inner joy and peace.  We will warm up the body and prepare the mind to meditate with slow flow yoga and Qi Gong. The meditations will be 15-20 minutes in duration, with structured rest periods between; handouts for each of the meditations will be provided. Among other benefits, meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response) which helps to boost the immune system, improve digestion and sleep, increase cognitive function, and cultivate delight.


Sunday, January 27th, 2:00-4:30 pm ~ Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha: The Power of the Breath
Central Mass Yoga, West Boylston, MA

Kapalabhati breathing in Boston yoga teacher training

Breath is life and life is breath. When breath flows, so does life.

Experience harmony, lightness, joy, and a radiant spirit with breathing exercises and inner energy practices drawn from classical and Kundalini Yoga. We will learn how to enhance and extend the breath with pranayama (breathing) exercises, and then channel the heightened pranic energy using bandhas (inner locks) and mudras (ways to enhance mental focus which can include hand gestures). Recommendations for an effective beginner to advanced pranayama home practice will be given. If most of your yoga studies have been about the poses, this workshop will round out your practice. The "power of the breath" will help your life as nothing else. Please come with an empty stomach.


February 8th-10th ~ Vinyasa Yoga and Qi Gong: Flowing into Wholeness
The Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

From the base of the mountain, many paths. From the peak, only one moon. ~ Ikkyu, Zen poet

While yoga has its roots in Indian Vedic scriptures, Qi Gong grew out of the Chinese Taoist pursuit of longevity. In this workshop we will explore the Taoist concept of “effortless flow” through Qi Gong exercises, and then bring the same ease of motion into sequences from Yoga of Energy Flow. While the movements in both forms are graceful and gentle, the effects are powerful, detoxifying the body while increasing strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

You will learn:
• Breathing exercises to enhance life energy
• Qi Gong exercises to open the meridians
• Meditative flow in yoga sequences
• Concentration techniques for mental clarity


Friday, February 15th, 7:15-9:30 pm, Partner Stretching and Shiatsu
Down Under Yoga, Newton, MA

Our health is dependent on the free flow of chi/prana in our body, mind, and soul.

Partner Assisted Stretching reduces muscle tension, enhances circulation, helps alleviate lower back pain, improves balance and coordination, and increases flexibility in a safe and effective way.

In this workshop we will work with a partner to help lengthen tight muscles using a modern stretching technique called PNF/resistance stretching.

Stretches for the lower and upper body will be taught, along with some elements of Shiatsu Massage (gentle finger and hand pressure, skillful touch, and relaxing joint manipulations.)

Come with a spouse, partner, friend or neighbor, or just by yourself and we will partner you up with someone at the workshop. Learn to listen, receive, share and play! All levels are welcome.


Saturday, March 9th, 2:00-4:30 pm ~ Yoga of Energy Flow and The Power of Prana: Inner Fire, Outer Radiance
Centerville Yoga, Centerville, MA

How can you follow the course of your life if you do not let it flow? ~ Lao-Tzu

Integrating strength and flexibility training, energy cultivation, and open awareness, Yoga of Energy Flow is a unique and transformative yoga method. In this workshop we will draw from Kundalini Yoga, Meridian Yoga, and Kali Ray TriYoga to experience simple but powerful ways to increase and balance the flow of pranic energy through our body, mind, and spirit. We will work with pranayama, vinyasa, asana, chanting meditation, and oriental bodywork in a practice that opens and changes us. As tension melts, the mind/body blocks disappear, and the heart begins to sing; we "flow" and the life energy of Prana flows through us, connecting us to heaven and earth, sun and moon, and all of nature.

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Saturday-Sunday, March 23rd-24th, 11:00 am-5:00 pm, Meridian Yoga Immersion: The Art of Energy Flow
Repose Yoga, Newburyport, MA

Our health is dependent on the free flow of chi/prana in our body, mind, and soul.


Open the pathways that allow prana to flow, bringing harmony, lightness and joy to our being. When our meridian channels are blocked, we feel stagnant and out of sorts; releasing stored tension, we experience a profound connection with life. As nature's energy streams through us, the heart begins to sing and we become aligned with the universal life force that bridges heaven and earth, sun and moon, wind and sky.

Using gentle pressure, body weight, and skillful touch, we will work with a partner to increase range of motion and perfect alignment in yoga asanas associated with the fourteen meridians of Chinese medicine. Resistance/PNF stretching will be taught, along with Shiatsu and Thai Yoga massage. In addition to the partner work, we will work with pranayama (breathing exercises) to activate prana, and learn a Meridian Energy Flow Cycle of yoga asanas. 

Each day will be an independent module. We will work on different meridians, with a balanced practice which addresses both the lower and upper body; for a more complete exploration attend both days. Feel free to come by yourself, or with a friend.

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