October 3, 2016

Meridian Yoga Training Fall 2019

Meridian Yoga: The Art of Energy Flow Certification

The next training will be at Whitman Wellness Center, Whitman, MA, October 4th-6th … Registration coming soon!

Our health is dependent on the free flow of chi/prana in our body, mind, and soul.

When our meridian pathways are blocked, we experience emotional, physical and even spiritual malaise. But when these pathways are opened, prana  – universal life force –  flows though us, bringing harmony, lightness, and joy to our being, aligning us with heaven and earth, sun and moon, wind and sky.
From yoga asana, to resistance stretching, Chi Gong, to Oriental bodywork, Meridian Yoga artfully blends ancient and modern techniques that activate and balance the body’s meridian pathways, releasing blocked energy and bringing us into a profound connection with life.

You will learn:
•     A Meridian Yoga asana practice
•     PNF/Resistance Stretching – a modern, safe and effective stretching method
•     Partner assists that open the 14 basic meridians
•     Hands-on shiatsu and Thai yoga massage techniques that deeply release tension from the body
•     Acupressure’s “potent” points for optimal health
•     Pranayama (breathing exercises) that enhance life energy