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Yoga of Energy Flow

The Power of Prana ~  Inner Fire, Outer Radiance


How can we become still? . . . By moving with the stream. And how can we become strong? . . . By entering the flow.  ~ Lao Tze

There is a creative infinity that is in constant flow among, through, and with all things. To me, the experience of this silent flow is what yoga is all about. Like the Chinese concept of the Tao, this flow has no beginning or end; it is unity with the all. It is the moment before we breathe, and the breath we take. It is the moment after, too.

The science of yoga is what we study to bring us to this feeling of wholeness and peace. It is a map of the path we travel, the vehicles that carry us, and the scenery on the way. It is the asanas, the pranayama, the meditations; it is all the techniques that have been used for centuries to melt the physical, emotional, and mental boundaries, until only reality, totality, infinity, and bliss are left.

I have studied yoga and meditation for over forty years, and have taught for twenty-four, in Europe and America. I am certified in Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), Meridian Yoga, and Kali Ray TriYoga.

Kundalini Yoga activates prana/chi energy, and strengthens the nervous system. Meridian Yoga opens and balances the internal energy flow. TriYoga, a vinyasa style, cultivates the flow of internal energy into a beautiful flow of postures; it is the art of meditation in action.

These three yoga styles are very much complementary, and powerful in combination. They have been a wonderful help on my journey towards health, happiness, and wisdom, and I love to share them with my students.

Yoga of Energy Flow integrates these three yoga styles into one unified, transformational practice.


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