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Yoga Teacher Trainings in Boston

200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Boston
Meridian Yoga Immersions and Certifications

Yoga of Energy Flow 200-Hour Teacher Training
RYS 200 - Registered Yoga SchoolThe core study in The Yoga of Energy Flow 200-Hour Teacher Training is vinyasa flow yoga in which breath, movement and asana are combined with physical and energetic alignments to create a transformational practice.
• Students will leave this training fully prepared to teach vinyasa style yoga classes and will have a comprehensive understanding of yoga asana, pranayama, anatomy of yoga, hands-on assists, shiatsu/thai bodywork, ayurveda, yogic philosophy, mudras and meditation techniques.
• We pride ourselves on having a passionate, experienced and caring staff, dedicated to the yogic values of self growth, peace, and green lifestyle.
• This 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is approved by the Yoga Alliance of America. Graduates are automatically granted the status of RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).
Arlington, MA, 200-Hour 10 month Teacher Training begins September 8th, 2017

Yoga of Energy Flow 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training
RYS 500 - Registered Yoga SchoolThe Yoga of Energy Flow 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training will bring all aspects of yoga to RYS 500 – Registered Yoga Schoolmore profound places of experience, understanding, and application for teachers and interested students alike.
• All contact hours are “dedicated teacher training hours” with internationally recognized teachers. (Public classes are not counted as contact hours; check other 300-hour programs to see how they calculate their hours!)
• Certifications in Thai Yoga Massage, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Meridian Yoga are built into the program if students attend the optional days. In essence, “immersions” become “certifications”; additional, but reasonable, fees apply. These individual certifications will be guided by some of the best teachers of these subjects in America.
• This 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training will automatically grant the status of RYT-500, Registered Yoga Teacher – 500 hour level. (This 300-Hour training program can only be taken after completion of a 200 hour RYT program.
Arlington, MA, 300-Hour 12 month Teacher Training begins August 25th, 2017

Meridian Yoga Immersions and Certifications
Meridian Yoga Yoga Teacher Training When our meridian pathways are blocked, we experience emotional, physical and even spiritual malaise. But when these pathways are opened, prana – universal life force – flows though us, bringing harmony, lightness, and joy to our being, aligning us with heaven and earth, sun and moon, wind and sky. Meridian Yoga training can help with this transformation.
From yoga asana, to resistance stretching, Chi Gong, to Oriental bodywork, Meridian Yoga artfully blends ancient and modern techniques that activate and balance the body’s meridian pathways, releasing blocked energy and bringing us into a profound connection with life.
You will learn:
• A Meridian Yoga asana practice
• PNF/Resistance Stretching – a modern, safe and effective stretching method
• Partner assists that open the 14 basic meridians
• Hands-on shiatsu and Thai yoga massage techniques
that deeply release tension from the body
• Acupressure’s “potent” points for optimal health
• Pranayama (breathing exercises) that enhance life energy
Scituate, MA, Be Well Studios,  3 Day immersion/Training, March 18-20, 2017

Yoga of Energy Flow Teacher Training Yoga of Energy Flow Teacher Training



Yoga Teacher Trainings ~ Meridian Yoga Certifications in Boston

Daniel_Orlansky Yoga TeacherDaniel Orlansky, MA, E-RYT-500, a yoga teacher since 1992, is certified in Jnana Yoga, Kali Ray TriYoga and Kundalini Yoga, and is the originator of Meridian Yoga. Daniel holds Boston yoga teacher training and hosts classes and workshops in Boston, Rhode Island, and Germany. He holds a masters degree in Expressive Art Therapy/Dance Therapy from Lesley University and has been a visiting lecturer in movement studies at Tufts University. A graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School, Daniel teaches regularly at the Kripalu Center, the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, and in Europe, and also directs 200- and 500-hour yoga teacher trainings worldwide. He has co-directed two yoga DVD’s: Hands-On! Skillful Assists for Yoga Asana, and Yoga and Vision Improvement.

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